When is it time to change your life?

Who are we trying to please? Our society’s push to keep us doing the things we think we SHOULD be doing?

Learn how to move beyond the angst in our bodies, the weight of our stories, and lighten up!

Together, let’s figure out how you will reach your potential, live your dreams, and have a damn great life!

When I trained as a coach in 2005, it was because my own work/life balance was off kilter. I read a book called Finding Your Own North Star, by Martha Beck, Phd.  I was unhappy in my job, I was coming out of the woods from a difficult divorce with young children, and truly wanted to find my own North Star. The book resonated so personally with me that I wrote a letter to Martha Beck and joined one of her first-ever coach training classes. Ten years later, I became a Master Coach with Martha Beck, Inc. and changed my entire life yet again. It just keeps getting better!!!

I am the kindest, kick-ass coach you will ever find!  I am way better at telling you like it is, than I am with soft stepping around your story. If it’s time to change, know you can!  I am committed to guiding you by using my coach training, my education and all of my personal and professional experiences, to bring you to where you want to be!

Here are some options for your customized coaching partnership:

  • Planning the Life You Want
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Empowerment and Confidence
  • Communication and Hard Conversations
  • Work/Life Balance for Individuals and Families
  • Team Engagement and Strategic Goal Setting
  • Creating Boundaries That Work
  • How does someone decide they need coaching?
  • Daily practices that you can create to increase clarity.
  • Dissolve all those “shoulds” that keep you stuck.

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