When is it time to truly change something in your life?

Learn how to lighten (and light!) up, one step at a time!

Learn how to move beyond the angst in your body, and the weight of your stories and excuses.

Move from here to an amazing future. It’s time to live your dreams, and create a damn great life!

“When I trained as a coach, it was because my own life balance was off kilter. I hated my job, I was recovering from a difficult divorce; and I watched the office clock tick away the hours until I could be with my kids. Then I began to feel my whole life ticking away.

One day, I read a book called Finding Your Own North Star, by Martha Beck, Phd.  I truly wanted to find my own North Star. The book resonated so personally with me that I wrote a letter to Martha and joined one of her first-ever coach certification classes in 2005. Ten years later, I became a Master Coach under Martha Beck, and decided to truly change my entire life once and for all.

I quit my job, moved my home, and opened LG Coaching. Step by step, I used my life as an experiment to see if this coaching stuff really works. It does!!! And it just keeps getting better!!!

Today, I manage my business by combining the wide variety of personal and professional experiences I have gained. I’ve been where you are. I know it’s hard. But I also know that whatever you want is ready and waiting for you to grab it. Let’s do that!

If you feel like it’s time for you to change your life, know you can!  I am committed to guiding you.”

Here are some options for your customized coaching partnership:

  • Planning the Life You Want
  • Changing Careers or Building Your Own Business
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Empowerment, Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Communication and Hard Conversations
  • Work/Life Balance for Individuals and Families
  • Employee Engagement and Strategic Goal Setting
  • Creating Daily Practices that Reduce Stress and Bring Clarity
  • There’s SO much more…..


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