When you work with me, you will:

Build and train internal coaching teams prepared for ever-changing environments.

Develop strong leaders that ‘walk the talk’ about what’s needed to support success.

Measure actions that align with the organization’s mission and values.

Establish organizational trust with a consistent communication plan.

Together we will:

Build internal coaching teams that reflect a positive company culture and have fun!

Take courageous risks and keep the energy high with authentic leadership.

Influence & manage change communication with clear expectations.

Move fast, within weeks and with strong accountability, to witness performance soar!


Negotiating the challenges of change are never going away, but the faster the cycle of change happens, the better. It takes a strong and committed leadership team to realize that an organization’s acceptance of change can make or break their growth trajectory. Often it means the difference between excitement, movement and flow, or forever playing catch up by doing lots of tasks but never really making progress.

The main reason it’s so important for companies to prepare and act quickly and consistently in times of change is our human drive for survival. Neuroscience tells us that when change occurs (in work or in life) we are forever in search of threats and protection. Our search for information is heightened significantly until we understand where we are within the change cycle. If there is a gap in our knowledge we begin to fill it with information or activities that won’t really benefit anyone.

What I’ve found is that when organizations develop and train internal coaching teams who can respond to this process they are able to walk the leadership talk, and equip employees with a group of trusted advisors within the “storm.”  The ability to perform with autonomy increases significantly. Conflicts are resolved quickly because coaching ambassadors use proven tools that work.

Don’t get stuck in the middle…lead!

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