Lori Giuttari is President and Founder of LG Coaching & Consulting. She is a Certified Master Coach; and for almost 30 years, Lori has guided organizations and individuals through the challenges of constant change in an increasingly complex world. She has redefined Fortune 500 teams, realigned hundreds of small businesses, and partnered with individuals to obtain their life goals. Lori has coached c-level executives and team leaders to secure engagement and courageously communicate to employees and customers alike.

Born in Colombia, SA, and having worked in over 15 countries, Ms. Giuttari holds a deep passion and respect for every single individual’s innate brilliance and potential. Her career roles have included managing political campaigns and global teams, teaching, public speaking and communication coach to CEOs.

Mastering personal and professional interactions allows us to create directed leadership in our work, life & family. Ms. Giuttari focuses on bringing forth the unique strengths that define each of us. She partners with clients to get to the heart of the matter quickly, and will construct plans to bring your business to the next level, better your days, and realize outstanding outcomes!

She holds a B.S. degree from University of Central Florida, with post-graduate studies concentrated in international business, education and social sciences. As a certified Yoga Instructor, Lori practices meditation and yoga daily, and believes that living mindfully is critical for meeting life’s challenges.


Owner, LG Coaching & Consulting
Development and Delivery of Global Employee Communication Standards, Fortune 500
Head of Internal Communications, North America Operations, Fortune 500
Senior Director of Global Analyst Relations, Fortune 500
Director of Public Relations & Development, Non-Profit
Founding Board Member, Policy & Process, Non-Profit
Teacher, Middle School & College Certification courses
Consultant Representative for Small Business Regulatory Issues
Management, Statewide Political Campaigns



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